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TELL ME ABOUT > Root Canal Treatment

Why do I need Root Canal Treatment?
Root canal treatment can help save your damaged tooth. When the Pulp (the tissue inside the tooth that contains the nerve and blood vessels) is diseased or injured, it is unable to repair itself.

The bacteria can invade the pulp and cause infection inside the tooth which then spreads into the surrounding bone and tissues. This is extremely painful and can also cause swelling of the face.

How long will it take?
Treatment may require one to three visits, depending on the pulp’s condition and the amount of infection already present.

Abscessed teeth may require draining which takes longer. Front teeth may only have one canal while the treatment can involve four canals (or more) on the back teeth.

Does it hurt?
Modern anaesthetic techniques can adequately numb the teeth. There can be some discomfort after treatment, and is due to the existing inflammation and irritation . This can be controlled by taking painkillers.

How long will it last?
The material used will last a lifetime. But due to the complicated nature of the canal system, recurrent infections are a constant risk. Time spent on thorough cleaning and a quality seal will reduce this risk.

What happens next?
In addition, a filling is required to seal the access cavity. Due to the weakened state of the tooth, and to restore function, placement of a Crown is advised. This will help to protect the tooth against fracture.

The colour of some teeth can change to take on a dark shade. Cosmetic options are available to correct this.

Before Treatment
Eat as normal before treatment, as it may be difficult to eat for some hours afterwards due to the anaesthetic. If you have been taking any antibiotics, continue to take them as per the prescription.

After Treatment

  • Please do not chew or attempt to eat food while you are numb
  • Take a painkiller before the numbness wears off ( usually about one to two hours after treatment)
  • Avoid chewing on that side while it is tender. Painkillers can be taken if required.
  • Discomfort in the area is normal for a few days ( or longer). This occurs due to the pre existing infection and due to manipulation during treatment. Discomfort should not be of concern. It does not necessarily affect the successful outcome of the treatment.
  • If a temporary filling has been placed, it is normal for a thin layer or bits to be chewed away between appointments.
  • An unusual taste can also be experienced.
  • In the unlikely event that swelling, fever, or severe pain should occur, please call us for advice

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