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Patient Questions and Answers at a glance
Q What are the benefits of Denplan Care for me?
A Seeing you as a patient registered under Denplan Care allows the emphasis to be put on preventative dental care; this means your dentist can help stop dental problems before they occur or get worse.

Q How do I know if my treatment is of a high standard?
A Denplan Care member dentists not only conform to the professionalism demanded by their own ethical standard, they also agree to be bound by the Denplan Rules of Membership, the Denplan Practice Quality Programme and Code of Practice established by Denplan.

Q Is Denplan Care insurance?
A No, Denplan Care is a maintenance contract that allows your dentist to provide ongoing preventative care. Through modern dental knowledge and techniques your dentist can help you achieve and maintain healthier teeth and gums for a lifetime. However, Denplan also arranges, on your behalf, supplementary insurance to cover the cost of treatment required as a result of an accident or in the event of an emergency.

Q Is there a registration fee?
A Yes, there is a once only fee usually debited during the first month of your contract to cover Denplan's initial costs of administration. This is an additional one-off payment equal to your monthly fee.

Q How is my fee calculated?
A Your dentist completes a simple chart that takes into account your dental history, the current health of your teeth and gums and the preventative care programme recommended. These factors will place you in a specified 'category', for which your dentist has already calculated the fee.

Q Are there any discounts available?
A Denplan Care can benefit the whole family. Where more than one member of a family (or group) is registered and payments are made under a single direct debit, the following discounts apply:

  • 2 family members - 5%
  • 3 family members - 10%
  • 4 or more family members - 15%

How will my fee be paid?
A Although your contract is between you and your dentist, you can choose to pay your fee monthly by direct debit, or annually by cheque or credit card to Denplan, who acts as a collecting agent for all Denplan member dentists.

Will my treatment be different?
A The aim of preventative dentistry is to help you improve and maintain your long-term oral health through working with your dentist. This approach means that where possible, invasive treatment is kept to a minimum.

When will my entitlement to cover start?
A Your preview programme can start immediately the contract is signed, and the supplementary insurance cover will start as soon as the registration form is received by Denplan. If you prefer, you can delay until the first day of a chosen month, entered on your registration form, provided Denplan has received your form by this date.

Once I've signed a Denplan Care contract, can I cancel it?
A Yes, if you wish you can cancel your contract at any time by giving 21 days notice in writing to your dentist and to Denplan. The contract will then end on the last day of the month. You can find all the details of your membership on the copies of the contract you signed.

Who am I in contract with?
A You are in contract with your dentist. Denplan simply act as collecting agents for all Denplan Care member dentists.

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