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CEREC Dentistry

Welcome to the future of dental treatment!

Dr Dipak Joshi, is a clinical consultant for Cerec® with Sirona Dental systems UK, the manufacturer of Cerec®. He is also an accredited ISCD trainer (International Society of Computerised Dentistry ) for Cerec® and currently the President of the British Society of Computerised Dentistry (BSCD).

At Dental Clinique, you are looking at the future of your dental treatment.

What is CEREC?

CEREC® is a sophisticated, computer-based treatment system for the 21st century. It is one of the most advanced products in world dentistry.


  • Single visit - The complete treatment from preparation to fit

  • Tooth coloured - Colour matched ceramic blocks are use

  • Minimal tooth removal - Design conserves natural tooth structure

  • Fracture resistant - Milled ceramic blocks are harder than conventional inlays

  • No Temporaries - You do not walk around with these in your mouth for two weeks

  • Biocompatible - Minimal irritation to the gums

  • Simulates natural Enamel

  • Kind to teeth

​Costs (to January 2007)

£450 per crown and partial crown.
£295 to £395 for Ceramic inlays.
£495 for integral post - retained Cerec® crown (for back teeth that have had root canal treatment).

What does it do?

Cerec is a unique product in dentistry allowing the dentist to assess, design and prepare perfectly fitted ceramic (porcelain) restorations in one visit.

Treatment for tooth coloured crowns, overlays, inlays and white fillings have not been easier.

No impressions or temporary fillings are needed.

The Cerec 3D ceramic crown requires minimal tooth preparation during a single visit to the dentist.

Crown - one visit
Prepared, almost ready to go.

Amalgam filling - one visit
Perfectly fitting tooth coloured ceramic filling.

How does it work?

An incredibly accurate digital image of your teeth is taken. The work needed is planned on a computer. Solid blocks of ceramic material, which are among the hardest of all tooth coloured materials, are designed into beautifully fitted inlays, onlays, partial crowns, full anterior and posterior crowns or veneers. You see everything that is happening on the advanced computer screen using 3D software. Cerec will then precision mill the ceramic block.

We use advanced bonding systems to fuse the custom created restoration to your prepared natural tooth.

This superb new technology allows us to conserve much more of your natural tooth tissue than was possible before. It also allows us to perform an extended range of effective, clinically tested treatments.With over 10 million restorations placed worldwide, Cerec is rapidly becoming a treatment of choice over conventional tooth coloured fillings.

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