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SMILE MAKEOVERS - The Dental Clinique way

The "TV Makeover" approach uses a set measured "smile" formula. While this looks good, the end results produce a similar "Hollywood" smile for almost all people. In addition, working to the formula, often requires fairly extensive preparation of up to SIXTEEN teeth.

We at Dental Clinique feel that a simpler, less invasive approach can produce a great Smile. We bring Art to the science and design a smile that enhances your natural looks. The extensive use of a simple tooth whitening often results in fewer teeth being affected. Not only does this save lots of your natural healthy tooth, but dramatically reduces costs without effecting the Cosmetic outcome.

  Patient W, from Germany, had the smile lifted using four Veneers to correct the crowded and twisted teeth and is undergoing tooth whitening for the rest.

A simple approach to a great smile!

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  Patient JL attended expecting six veneers. We enhanced the smile by placing three White fillings with almost no preparation to the teeth!

Single visit and pain-free. Bringing Art and minimum intervention to Cosmetic Dentistry.

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  Patient CEN requested that her front Veneers and Bridges be made to look better.

We worked on the shape, size and colour to produce a more natural smile. Bringing Art to Science.

  This patient had chipped a large edge of her front tooth. The use of Modern nano-technology white fillings, differing colours and working with light, e have restored the tooth. The challenge is for you to spot the filling. To make it easy this photograph is magnified to about x40 the size of a normal tooth. Bringing Art to Science.

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