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NEW TECHNOLOGY > Digital Dental X-rays

Planmeca X-ray   Dental X-rays are used to detect disease under restorations, between teeth and in the Jaw bone.

We do not take x-rays unnecessarily. Before deciding to take x-rays, we usually assess the value of the information that the x-ray will yield.

Dental Clinique has made a significant investment to incorporate Digital X-rays for both small x-rays and the whole mouth scan.

What are digital x-rays?
Digital X-rays are the latest technology to be encompassed into Dentistry and Medicine.

How does it work?
The X-Ray film is replaced with a sensor (either a plate or a “video” sensor) . These are linked to either a laser scanner or directly to the computer. In both cases the image is processed by the computer and displayed on the screen.

How does it benefit me?
The amount of x-ray dosage is significantly lower than traditional x-rays. Dosage reduction of up to 40 - 60% are achievable. As processing errors are reduced, repeat x-rays less likely and the quality of the x-rays are more consistent. Reduction in processing time means that we can often discuss our findings with you at your first visit.
  Digital X-ray

What about children?

Because of the huge reduction in X-ray dose, we are quite happy to take x-rays for children, only when necessary.

Planmeca X-ray   How does it benefit the Dentist?
This clean technology makes it easier for the practice to store and retrieve the x-rays. It will also be possible to send images to other professionals over the internet should this be necessary.

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