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TELL ME ABOUT > Dental Well Being Model

Current Health care technology and systems are extremely sophisticated and very impressive, but treat disease after it has occurred.

A healthy body will send out a lot of signals and clues when it is unwell. Tiredness, thirst, mild aches and twinges are examples of these. The pace of modern life often forces us to overlook these, or when mentioned, the complaint is not treated with sympathy. If ignored, the system eventually collapses, it is now not at ease (dis-ease).

The Chinese and Indian (Aryuvedic) models of health care look for signs of "un well ness". They will note the tired gait, the dry skin, the redness in the eyes, the laboured breathing and proclaim you ill. "Treatment" consists of rest, massage and controlled diet with moderate exercise.

At Dental clinique we would like to introduce this preventative model to Dental health care.

The Dental well being model is designed to maintain health. We feel that prevention should actively seek out "unwellness". It completely overturns and moves away from the current system, which is designed to look for disease.

The well –being model regards the occurrence of disease as a failure of the system. This change to active prevention is made possible by using three criteria:

  • Actively recording your health to our own designed Clinique dental health review
  • This allows us to recognize the very early onset of disease and applying our preventative protocols
  • Establishing long term maintenance protocols specifically designed for each individual

The plan is holistic and understands that your general health will affect your mouth. It takes into account the varying Dental conditions and needs of individuals. We will look at your breathing patterns (lip posture), muscles of chewing, the way you bite (occlusion), the way your jaw and teeth are formed (orthodontics), your past dental history (risk assessment), the gum disease will be measured (in some cases up to 150 separate measurements).

The Dental Health review will allow us to recognise your existing patterns of disease and plot the future outcomes. We can then discuss these with you and tailor make an individual treatment plan.

In most cases these are simple. A change in your cleaning regime may significantly reduce your future disease risk.

We feel that a patient should pay to have two conversations:

  • For us to inform you that your oral health is stable
  • For you to tell us that your mouth has been comfortable

We have worked hard to bring this model into our practice. We have blended the existing science and purchased new technology that allows prevention.

Dental Well Being allocates more time at the examination, and the advice that follows. We would like you to understand the nature of what can become of concern, only then can you adopt the recommended changes. We feel that there is considerable economy in time, trouble (and cost) to keep disease at bay.

It is to this end we have designed the Clinique Care Plan

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