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What is Private Dentistry?
Excellent dentistry is a skill. It demands time, care and attention. It also requires high quality materials and technical support of the highest standards. The new techniques developed for modern dentistry also requires additional knowledge and new equipment. The Dental surgeon determines the time required to carry out the procedure.

How are the costs determined?
Fees are determined on the basis of setting aside the right amount of time to perform a procedure thoroughly and carefully using the finest techniques. We use materials of the highest quality and the best technical services. We feel that the fees are reasonable, represent excellent value for money and are consistent with the high quality of care we deliver.

What do you charge? (from Aug 2015)
We have included the charges for the most commonly requested items.

New Patient examination £65
Routine/Emergency Examination £44.50
Radiographs (each) £ 12.50
Fissure - sealing per tooth £79.50
Hygienist Session (30 min) £55.00
Ozone application (per tooth) £45.00
Ozone treatment (cold sore) £45.00
Composite (white) fillings
Small £99.00
Medium £195.00
Large £255.00
Ceramic Inlay- "Cerec® 3D" £595.00
Amalgam (metal) fillings - "Permite®C"
Small £89.50
Medium £105.00
Large £155.00
Crowns / Veneer
Porcelain Jacket Crown £595.00
Porcelain/ Metal Crown £595.00
Full Gold Crown £595.00
Ceramic Crown - "Cerec®3D" £595.00
Post and Core/Fiber Post £195.00
Porcelain Veneer £595.00
Bridge (Per tooth/unit) £595.00
"Maryland" Bridge (one wing + 1 pontic) £895.00
"Maryland" Bridge (two wing + 1 pontic) £995.00
Simple (per tooth) £99.00
Surgical Removal (simple) £205.00
Surgical Bone Removal £250.00
Consultation £80.00
Incisor / Canine £550.00
Pre-molar £565.00
Molar £595.00
Re-treatment + add £110.00
Partial-Acrylic 1-3 (Plastic) £340.00
Partial-Acrylic 4-8 (Plastic) £425.00
Partial-Acrylic 9 +(Plastic) £490.00
Partial-Cobalt/Chrome £975.00
(+ Lab costs)
Tooth Whitening £350.00
OPG Scan £55.00
Splints & Sports Guard £165.00
Diagnodent Scan £15.00
Sedation (RA) for children/nervous patient £85.00
Inman £2,500.00
Clear Retainer £130.00
Fixed Retainer £150.00
Consultation £55.00

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