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Tomorrow's Technology Today
A new revolution which is changing the face of Dentistry
Dental Clinique is among the first practices to offer Ozone treatment in Dentistry

Dental Ozone   For more information, click here to visit the Dental Ozone web site, created by Dental Clinique for both patients and dentists who are interested in the use of ozone for the treatment of decay.

For early decay, this hi-tech treatment involves no injections, no drilling, and is totally painless. It is ideal for total prevention in children.
Healozone delivers ozone directly onto the bacteria in a sealed environment and is proven to be completely safe.


Ozone kills 99.9% of all decay producing bacteria in 20 seconds! It is used in dentistry to stop and even reverse small cavities. It is also being used in other aspects of Dentistry.

  • Pain free
  • Safe and effective prevention
  • Prevents decay
  • Drill free in early decay
  • Can reverse small early decay
  • Ideal for children
  • Minimum intervention
The Healozone


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